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Aubiose Testimonials


Customer Testimonials

Thank you to everyone who has written to tell us why their horse deserves Aubiose. We have included some of the testimonials below:


“Hi there, I just to say how fantastic Aubiose is, I’ve had my cob Billy for a year and he has been a very wet boy, I have used so many different shavings but nothing has worked. We started using Aubiose and what a different it has made! It was totally worth changing to, Billy’s stable is now much drier and we have to top him up much less often! I’m so impressed, I put my mare Dorothy on it too! Fantastic!!! “

– Louise Courage


“After being a horse owner for around 37 years, I have tried – and often dismissed many different types of bedding. In the past I have tried my horse Winston on all sorts of bedding and deep litter systems, but had reverted back to straw in order to provide him with a clean dry bed everyday. Winston is quite dirty and is also a shuffler – he moves the bed around constantly and I found that whatever bedding I had him on I would usually find him standing on some degree of concrete in the morning where the bed had shifted.

I started the bed with 6 bales of Aubiose and followed the instructions for use. I must say I have been amazed at the results. I deep littered him, just removing the droppings for 10 days, during which the bed remained dry, clean and settled with no shifting. On the 10th day I lifted the bed to remove the wet bedding and was really surprised just how easily this was done – the dry bedding had not mixed with the wet bedding at all and I could remove the wet bedding without contaminating or wasting any of the dry bedding. There was hardly any waste at all – I only removed one barrow of waste – much less than I was removing on a daily basis before.

Winston has now been on Aubiose for a month, and I cannot believe how much time I have saved! I was taking the bed up every day before I started using it. I have only used an additional two bales for the month, so in fact Aubiose has cost me less than straw. It is easy to muck out, has stayed dry and can be stored without the need for lots of space. Aubiose also has other benefits, as it is great for horses with respiratory ailments, or those that are prone to laminitis. Also, as the bed stays cleaner, so does your horse – a definite benefit with Winston who is a coloured!!

I work fulltime and the time saving benefit is amazing, and Aubiose has actually worked out very cost effective. I am now in the process of changing all my horses onto Aubiose – try it and like me, I am sure you will love it! “

– Kelly Szostak


“Aubiose is best for my horse Bertie as I really want to know that he is all comfy and warm in his stable on the harsh winter nights, also I want a easy and clean way to muck out, and Aubiose is definitely the bedding that suits us the best.”

– Seren


“Nothing keeps them cleaner and drier than Aubiose!”

– Lisa

“Aubiose is so absorbent- it stays where it’s put giving great support for the horse standing in it. The wet doesn’t spread and droppings almost float on top! Very economical dust free bedding! My horse gives me his best- so I give him the best!”

– Kathy


“My horse loves lifes luxuries, and Aubiose is one of them. It’s so absorbent you can just remove the wet patch in the middle and have a nice dry bed again for his feet to stand on.”

– Jayne


“Aubiose is best for my horse because recently he has been quite prone to laminitis and we all know how expensive vet bills can be, especially when he means so much as much as he does to me. He really does deserve it!”

– Jasmine